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Welcome to LOVE TV, I am the goddess Aphrodite and I am exploring the most intimate conversations in the most public spaces.
I am travelling the world in my Big Hot Pink TV interviewing people about their love stories, love for a person, a place, an idea or a passion.
It's amazing what people will tell me!
I broadcast these conversations live, to screens or TVS or projections within the same public space as my installation for viewing.
Before the live LOVE TV event lands in a public space, a festival, a street party, a curated art space or a special event I invite the people that are involved in that community to tell me who they would like to see come on the show.
This on-line engagement allows the community to become co-collaborators in the creation of their live LOVE TV event.
They get to choose their story, co- authoring the live social documentry of their public space told by their selected history makers and shakers in a spontaneous, funny, sexy, poginent celebration.
To allow the installation to be as interactive as possible I also invite members of the general public to join me for a conversation, if they have a storey to tell.
The interviews are recorded and edited with the best of being available for viewing via the LOVE TV website.
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As her alter ego Aphrodite, Bec Mac has provoked bold, passionate, intimate, stories about love, art and relationship from thousands of people in her legendary live art event LOVE TV.

After ten years of getting down and dirty on the streets of Australia and more recently New York with LOVE TV, the artist who originally started her career as a painter continues to explore personal, provocative themes through LOVE TV, The Bec Mac TV show, her art and documentaries.

Bec Mac is a truly remarkable host and interviewer having repeatedly awed audiences with her ability to open her guests up to reveal their most private feelings and stories.

Having honed her skill on the wild unforgiving streets in her live public show LOVE TV this enigmatic, fast thinking, dynamic host never fails to get her story.

Through her use of comedy, brutal honesty and irreverence Bec approaches the hot topics head on through humor (not confrontation), engaging viewers with unbiased insights from discussions. She has an enthusiasm for powerful story telling that reveals the guts of life challenging the viewer to question their perspectives.

Recently McIntosh produced a 6 part TV series The Bec Mac Show which has just been nominated for an Antenna Award (community television award) for Most Outstanding Art show.

She is launching her radio show on 4zzz (Brisbane’s culturally cool radio station) at the end of the year and she is building a steady following on her cheeky instagram #meninshorts


Victoria Johnstone is passionate about dynamic art and public participation, creative activation of space and the social, economic and other benefits to be gained through a meaningful interactive public art project.

She has produced many high profile public art events working with government organisations, corporate partners and artists to engage communites in unique and memorable experiences.
Victoria worked for over a decade as Program Manager, Events, City of Sydney. Victoria is Co- Founder and Manager Arts and Culture, Peats Ridge festival Victoria now works freelance to deliver  LOVE TV and other projects.

If you are interested, have a question or suggestion about LOVE TV, we would love to hear from you.
For more information about LOVE TV, presentation and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Aphrodite.



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