Love TV Coming Soon

Brighton Beach & Coney Island
Brighton Beach Boulevard,
21st August, 5 30 - 7 pm

Love TV will be presented in partnership with Big Deal Arts, an arts advisory business that provides a variety of services to artists and arts organizations in Brooklyn, with a specialization in artist marketing/branding and curatorial consulting. 


The famous boardwalk running from Brighton Beach to Coney Island is the perfect site for the Love TV public artwork.  Populated by a predominantly Russian and Eastern European population with their uniquely rich and traditions, Brighton Beach is wonderfully juxtaposed again the fun, creative and playful community of Coney Island.  This unique cultural dichotomy creates the optimum environment for Love TV as Aphrodite interviews a diverse group of the community from either side of the boardwalk



Love TV is joining locals across New York City to find out who and what you love best in your area.  Nominate a guest for interview on LOVE TV at Brighton Beach and Coney Isand







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