Love TV Coming Soon

FringeNYC on Fourth
presented by FABnyc

4th Street between Bowery & 2nd Ave

25 & 26 August, 1pm – 8pm

Love TV joins creative forces with Fourth Arts Block (FAB), a non-profit organisation founded to advance the East 4th Street Cultural District.  FABnyc are well-known incubators for fostering Manhattan’s iconic culture precinct as well as showcasing and supporting cutting edge new work from local creatives.   

The East 4th Street Cultural District has become an unparalleled creative hub, home to more than a dozen arts groups, acclaimed cultural facilities and a healthy handful of performance and rehearsal space.  The District attracts an annual audience of 200,000, serves 2,400 artists and provides more square feet of active cultural use than any other block in New York.

The annual FringeNYC on Fourth is a major event, opening up the district to a vibrant program of theatre and art shows that attracts art-loving visitors from across New York City and the globe. Love TV will feature as a public art installation and performance work in this year’s FringeNYC on Fourth, profiling and engaging the artists and creative communities participating in this dynamic event.

Love TV is joining locals across New York City to find out who and what you love best in your area.  Nominate a guest for interview on LOVE TV at FringeNYC on Fourth.